Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder Food Fish Tank Auto Timer


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Product information:

Color classification: AF-2003 AF-2009D AF-2005D

Material: plastic

1. Automatic feeding every 12 hours or 24 hours, twice a day.

2. It is suitable for feeding flakes and pellets, and the amount of each feeding can be adjusted and controlled according to actual needs.

3. When in use, the machine can be placed in a standing position, or it can be inlaid and fixed on the edge of the fish tank, with various usages and easy operation.

It is an ideal helper for aquarium enthusiasts during holidays or busy hours.

This product integrates food moisture-proof, automatic feeding and other functions. It can be set to automatically feed up to 2 times a day, the amount of each feeding can be adjusted, and it has a manual feeding function.

This product is suitable for dry feed such as flakes or pellets. It can be clamped on the side of the fish tank or glued to the top of the fish tank for use


Size: length 10×height 6, plus base 10×thickness 8 cm

Inner diameter of feed box: diameter 5×thickness 3 cm

Packing list:

Fishing gear

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 100 cm



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