Fish Pond Air Compressor Oxygen Jet


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Product information:

Material: Alloy

Specifications: ACO-208-25W, ACO-308-30W, ACO-318-35W, ACO-318-45W, ACO-328-55W, ACO-328-60W, ACO-388D-70W, ACO-388D-85W, ACO-009-120W, ACO-009D-135W, ACO-09E-160W, ACO-300A-300W, ACO-380-380W, ACO-500-500W

Color: silver

Description: Using electromagnetic motor, piston linear reciprocating motion generates air flow, the mechanism is more reasonable, cylinder and piston adopt SF3 new wear-resistant material, low energy consumption, large displacement, and higher air pressure

Packing list:

Oxygen injection machine*1

Weight 4.50 kg
Dimensions 340 × 180 × 220 cm
Electrical outlet

220V US, EU


ACO009120W, ACO009D135W, ACO09E160W, ACO20825W, ACO300A300W, ACO30830W, ACO31835W, ACO31845W with accessories, ACO31845W, ACO32855W, ACO32860W, ACO380380W, ACO388D70W, ACO388D85W, ACO500500W


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