Magnetic Brush For Suction Fish Tank


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100% brand new and high quality

Good absorption capacity and strong magnetic attraction.

As the outer magnet moves, the inner magnet moves with it, thereby cleaning the glass suitable for use with glass of different thicknesses.

The aerodynamic design is so artistic and pleasing to the eye.

The floating design avoids the loss of the magnet at the bottom of the aquarium and makes it suitable for use.

Suitable for super magnets with different thickness of glass.

The non-slip grip enhances the cleaning effect, and the scratch-resistant cleaning pad is very effective in removing glass algae.

This kind of cylinder friction is very easy to use, one end of the handle with aerodynamic design is outside the cylinder, and the other end should be placed in the fuel tank, that is, two pairs together, we can clean the cylinder wall.

They are absolutely safe for fish and will not harm, rot or cause any algae problems.

The scary appearance makes the aquarium more interesting

Sustainable, natural, safe and ecological.

Create a natural living environment for fish.

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 100 × 56 × 80 cm





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