Reptile Heat Pad


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Product information:

Heating method: Charging

Power type: plug

Color: 5W Black (15 x14cm),7W Black (15 x28cm),14W Black (28 x28cm),20W Black (42 x28cm), honeycomb 5W (15 x14cm), honeycomb 7W (15 x28cm),hive 14W (28 x28cm),hive 20W (28 x42cm), Black

Rated Power: 5W, 7W, 14W, 20W, 28W, 35W, 45W

Product Size: 15*14

Rated Voltage: 100V or 220V

Additional features: intelligent temperature control

Material: PET



Packing list:

1pc *
heating mat
Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 280 × 280 × 10 cm

14W Black Style 28X28CM, 20W Black Style 42X28CM, 5W Black Style 15X14CM, 7W Black Style 15X28CM, Honeycomb 14W28X28CM, Honeycomb 20W28X42CM, Honeycomb 5W15X14CM, Honeycomb 7W15X28CM

Product Specifications

British Standard


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